Estate Planning

  • Do you need a Will drawn up so that guardianship provisions are in place for your minor children if something tragic should happen to you?
  • Do you need a Power of Attorney drafted so that someone can conduct financial, insurance, or real estate transactions for you?
  • Do you need a Health Care Directive so that someone can make decisions for you if you are unable to make your own decisions?

Spence Legal Services can help you with your estate planning needs. For more information about the process involved in beginning an estate plan, contact us at (763) 682-2247 to further discuss your needs.

Estate Planning FAQ:

Do you need a Will?

Many young couples think that they do not need a Will because they don’t have many assets, and mostly have debt. However, one reason that couples such as this should still consider making a Will is so that they have guardianship provisions in place to address who would become guardian of their children in the event both parents died. Without such provisions already in place in a Will, after an unexpected and untimely death of parents, a third party would have to spend a great deal of time and money petitioning the court for appointment of a guardian for minor children. This could be avoided with a little bit of advance planning.

Do you need a Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive?

Many people, young and old, think that they don’t need things like a Health Care Directive or Power of Attorney because “nothing tragic will ever happen to me”. However, a tragic debilitating accident can occur to any of us, at any age. Doing a little bit of planning now and implementing estate planning tools such as a Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney can save a great deal of time and money later, when a guardianship may be necessary because these documents were not put in place.


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