• Have you been served with a Summons and Complaint and need to serve an Answer within 20 days?
  • Do you want to contest a Will or Trust from which you believe you were wrongfully omitted?
  • Did you do work for someone and they have failed do pay you?
  • Is someone threatening to sue you for breach of contract, fraud or misrepresentation?

Cindi Spence and Spence Legal Services can help you determine how to proceed with your civil litigation issues.  Cindi Spence has litigated a wide variety of civil cases including: partition actions, will contests, trust litigation, real estate litigation, business disputes, breach of fiduciary duty claims, contract disputes and fraud claims. For more information about the process involved in civil litigation cases, contact us at (763) 682-2247 to further discuss your needs.

Want to learn more? Check out out Civil Litigation FAQs!

Some of Cindi’s most notable achievements include the following:

  • Represented daughter who petitioned for guardianship of elderly father suffering from Alzheimers Disease and being exploited by other daughters; Extremely contested Hennepin County case; Settled.
  • Represented same daughter who petitioned one year later for guardianship of her mother, who was being exploited by other daughters; Extremely contested Hennepin County case; Settled
  • Successfully defended the imposition of a guardianship over an 80 year old woman whose children petitioned for guardianship and conservatorship and at the same time sued her in a civil action to undo a conveyance of 800 acres of farm land (conveyance was upheld after 4 day trial); Renville County.
  • Successfully defended elderly woman whose children petitioned for guardianship and conservatorship allegedly based on dementia. Petitioner dismissed her petition after 5 days of depositions; St. Louis County.
  • Successfully petitioned to remove guardian who was improperly restricting visitation with the ward and making inappropriate medical and living decisions for the ward; Mower County
  • Winning extremely contentious, document intensive case where client successfully petitioned for the appointment of a conservator for his elderly father, who was being financially and emotionally exploited by his young female caregiver. The caregiver was eventually prosecuted by the Attorney General for financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult as a result of my case.
  • Obtaining a settlement for a client who was subjected to the humiliation of a full body cavity search by a sheriff’s department.
  • Obtaining full coverage for a client whose insurance company had denied his claim under an accidental dismemberment policy, when he had developed an infection that led to a double amputation of both legs.
  • Successfully obtaining guardianship for my clients of their 11 year old nephew, whose mother had died and who was being abused by his uncle, who was also petitioning for guardianship and opposing my clients’ petition.
  • Court appointed to represent over 100 respondents in guardianship and/or conservatorship proceedings

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